Specialize in plastic injection molding

Nhi Binh Plastic Co., Ltd


Design product - Making mold - Produce finished products.

Injection mold
- All molds are made by Vietnammes mold-maker.
- Design product in 3D drawing->Design mold in 2D or 3D drawing.
- Warranty: 500,000 - 2 million shots

- We buy virgin resin: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, POM, PC... from Thailan, Korea, Hongkong, German, Arab
- Colour: our suppier can mix colour following customer's requirement.
- All materials are compliance with RoHS, FDA or REACH.

Assembly and Packing
- Our supplier has offset machine that can print 7 colors on many kinds of paper.
- Carton supplier: 3, 5, 7 layers. Can print color by Flexo machine.
- Clam shell: they can make from PVC, PET, HIPS...
- We do assembly and packing in clean room, the clean room is free dust, insect & hair

Engineering Plastic Parts

Plastic Products For Textile Industry
Plastic Products For Medical
Plastic Part For Woodworking

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General purpose plastic products

Household Products
Plastic Toys For Children
Plastic Container for Eyelashes
Plastic Strap for Carton Box
Plastic Bowl For Tapping Rubber Tree
Ungroup Plastic Products

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Production capacity

Our injection machines are from Japan, Tawain, from 75 tons to 380 ton. Total injection machines: 27 sets.

Other toolings: Grinder machine, Heater water machine, Chiller machine, Pad Printing, Other machine for maintenance mold...

Nhi Binh Plastic Co., Ltd