CX specializes in supplying cold forging parts, heat treatment, surface treatment....

CX Technology VN Corporation


CX is capable to offer various services from tooling design, toolingmanufacturing, cold forging, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment to quality management, CX has the ability to produce speaker, bicycle, automotive, industrial , finshing reel and construction use forging parts, precision stamping parts, and plastic injection parts.

【Production Process】
1. Feasibility assessment and process design
① Tooling-flow analysis
② Process design
③ Tooling design
④ Gauge/tool design and testing
2.Production preparation
① Tooling production
② Provide samples
③ Gauge/tool production and testing
3.Mass production
① One-stop process from cold forging to the surface treatment
② Complete quality inspection at each process
4.Quality assurance (quality control and process inspection)
Quality control for semi-finished and outgoing products.

Cold forging equipment

  CX has over 50 cold forging equipment with capacity from 100 ton to 2000 ton and CX is the only one who have the 2000 ton facility in VN. CX is capable to meet customer’s needs. If you have any questions regarding to product dimension, quantity, and delivery, please feel free to contact us.  

One-stop production system

  CX offers services from selection of raw materials to tooling design, production, forging, machining, surface treatment, to achieve the highest quality, most reasonable cost and delivery products.Because of the one-stop production management, CX hasthe capability to provide high precision and quality products.  

Designing ability

  With over 45 years of experiences, CX utilizes advanced simulation technology for the most suitable process design, in order to provide products with reasonable cost and delivery lead time.  

Production equipment

CX has over 50 cold forging equipments with capacity from 100 tons to 2000 tons.

CX can provide speaker parts, automotive parts, industrial use parts, sewing machine parts, fishing reel parts, hydraulic equipment parts,and other cold forged parts for various industries.

CX provides cold forging

◆Cold forging / aluminum alloy products
speaker parts, bike, automotive, finshing reel parts, construction usage, and industrial use components

◆Precision stamping
car ententainment system parts, and speaker parts

◆Plastic injection parts: speaker parts, travelware accessories
CX Technology VN Corporation