Production of all types of offset printing product from design steps to the finished

WEI LUNG ( Printing & Packaging ) CO.,LTD


High quality, High productivity and Low-cost Offset printing.

・In case of a large lot, the unit price becomes low-price.
・High quality.   
・A picture and the letter can be printed clearly.
・Multicolor printing is available 
・Large size printing is available.
・Rough paper and thin to thick paper can available.                   

Wei Lung Strong Points


In-house integrated production

  The realization of High Quality, Short Deliver and Low Cost by the establishment of efficient product line and thorough quality control.  

Small lot is available.

  We delivery the something necessary and only the required quantities in necessary time at necessary place.  


  Experienced staff have professionalism and produce with devotion and careful work until finish printed products are folded, gathered, binded, bookbinded, cut, packed and delivered.  


Packaging Boxes
Gift Boxes


Manual Books

Special printing products

PET hangtags
Offset printing carton boxes
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