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Song Ngoc Lan Co.,Ltd.

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28 Oct 2014

Welcome to Mosaic Art!

Mosaic springs from Greek ancient dynasty with the original meaning is: " The type of art deserves the high-faluting imagination and unlimited perseverance ".

Together with Glass Art material, Mosaic was being sublimated in the twenty-one century and created a completely new approach to ashlar paving material around the world.

Song Ngoc Lan, through by the audacity business ideas which based on the profession knowledges, we have bravely found our own way in this field of business.

Beginning time is really hard but it filled with more hopes which helped us affirm ourself in the market and from that time forward we found these effective strategies.

We are always belived that our product will meet the customer demand and attract customer more and more.
Company Name   Song Ngoc Lan Co.,Ltd.
Representative Name   Director : Ms.Nguyen Thi Kim Ngoc
Business Description   Specializes in supplying glass Mosaic brick, Mosaic brick of all kinds; processing Mosaic art paintings.
Produce   * Glass mosaic: Pure color, Mix color, Variation coloms, Border, Goldline
* Crystal: Pure color, Mix color, Variation coloms
* Ceramic: Pure color, Mix color
* Special: Ice mosaic, Stainless metal, Real Gold, Silver
Address   39B/5 Da Nam Street, Ward 2, District 8
Ho Chi Minh City
TEL   +84 8 7306 8928
FAX   +84 8 7303 1579
Rep.Office   107 CT, Tam Dao, Cu Xa Bac Hai, Ward 15, Dist. 10, HCM City
TEL   +84 8 6264 6921 / 7301 1579 / 2240 7009
FAX   84-8-7303 1579
Email 1   sales@songngoclanmosaic.com
Email 2   songngoclan@yahoo.com.vn
Website   http://www.songngoclanmosaic.com
Establish Date   13/07/2006
Capital   1.800.000.000 VND
Parent Company  
Employee   30 ~ 40 employees ( Jun 2014 )
Account Period  
Value Customer  
Song Ngoc Lan Co.,Ltd.