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Mold. Stamping Parts

【Press mold designing – Manufacturing】
Since its establishment we have been making our effort everyday using mold manufacturing technique base on know-how accumulated in many year. Using CAD system to design by customer’s request with machinery such as milling machine –lathe – grinding machine – wirecut machine – welder,.. We are striving to maintain stable quality by high efficiency in work.
Either trial mold or precision press mold, depends on purpose and budget we provide equipments that can satisfy various design and manufacture. So if you need any help about metal please don’t hesitate to contact us.

【Pressing – Metal sheet processing】
Either the press mold, pressing – sheet metal, tools – equipment or design, trial product, mass production, cost down proposal is provided in one-stop. At Okura, sheet metal, metal mold and press working are performed consistently so products are provided by optimum processing method according to production number.

Design and Manufacturing Metal mold

Prossesive Dies

Major Equipment

Equiment List

Zinc plating, nickel chrome plating, barrel plating, Operation scheduled for september 2015

Pressing and Sheet Metal Processing

Press Products

[Material]: SUS - ,AL, SK, SECC, SGCC, SPCF, SAPH440, Other.
[Thikness]: 0.10t ~


Bending Process

Product Name: Kanet Beer Tank.

Material: SUS34.

A work piece is positioned over the die block and the die block presses the sheet to from a shape. For example processed into containers such as aluminum cans,...
With high-tech and meticulous. Not create, distorted, dented, cracked,...

Major Equipment

Equiment List

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Mold. Stamping Parts
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