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Our company recommends clients leading products which are environmentally friendly and amazingly gorgeous.

We are so proud to present a variety of packaging materials including printing – paper and paper box made from white hardback, specific paper (peal paper, foil paper, metallized paper), clear case such as PP/PET case, glued box, guide book, various labels, PP bag and blister.

About packaging

We supply brilliant products which are nature-friendly and incredibly beautiful. Currently, we own production line which implements from printing to packing planning, and have good performance in producing and exporting packages for huge leading cosmetic manufacturers in Japan. Beside, we have ability to promptly provide high-quality products to our clients.

About Labels

Label brings out the charm of the product in a variety of forms, just "the face of the product". As label is glued on the product in order to convey an important message to a lot of people, we are always aiming to improve it. We emphasize message conveyance when producing labels so that labels becoming “the face of the product” could be filled with satisfaction and delight of clients.

About Promotional Materials

TS7 is expert in producing promotional materials such as DM, flyer, poster, company brochure, product catalog, calendar etc., various items, information magazine (newspaper), PR magazine which are all supporting business. In addition to the detailed suggestions and proposals appropriate to the clients’ plans, business fields, demands, we will provide high-quality products that do not lose to the Japan-quality ones.

About Materials

We support a wide range of cardboard of company and various envelopes.

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