From printing to package manufacturing in Vietnam. Paper Box, Clear Case, Label....



Printing Facilities

Our staffs who has introduced latest equipment and mastering the Japan technologies are producing low-price products in Japan quality. In the future, cosmetic package manufacturing that are made in Japan headquarters will be performed in Vietnam factory. We will also highly focus on business to be able to receive more and more packing and printing orders in Vietnam.

We have our own plastic gluing machine and are able to carry out gluing of plastic cases such as clear cases independently
Main processes:PP&PET gluing and bending

Printing machine

※Manufacturer: Komori Coparation
※Main processes:
UV Printing, Oiliness Printing,
UV Coating, Pseudo-Emboss Printing

Thomson Machine

We use a machine called Thomson to transform a paper into the shape of a box

※Manufacturer: Heidelberg Company
※Main processes: cutting, perforation, bending

Hot Stamp Machine

Using embossing and foil sticking processes, Hot Stamp Machine can make boxes and packages look high-class and more luxurious

※ Manufacturer: Heidelberg Company
※ Main processes: cutting, perforation, bending

Calendaring Machine

This machine makes the surface of the papers smoother and glossier

※Main processes: surface smoothing and glossing

Laminating Machine

This machine can be used to glue films on papers. Besides, it also can produce metallized papers

※Main processes: film gluing

Gluing Machine

This machine is used to process folding and gluing of box sides

※Main processes: gluing
Printing Facilities
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