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Printing items, leave it all to us!
We supply satisfying products enough to meet your demands.

Our company – TS7 is in its early stages, We have the best cooperation between Japan and Vietnam, We are aiming at support, price provision, Japan technology capabilities and highly focus on producing high-quality products.

Besides, in addition to the packages, since we have ready a system that can offer blister, soft package material (PP bag), when you have problems related to your packaging materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales manager: Mr. Kataoka

Sport Festival on June every year

Making relationships by means of sport activities
We are actively connecting our staffs through outside activities so that we may discover their other interesting sides which cannot be found in daily office life.

Although it is just a game, victory-or-defeat is also important. Some staffs who had attended the game for the first time found it so interesting. Besides, as young people have the advantage in strength, it may be a good chance for new staffs to show their leadership ability.

Comfort Travel: To Nha Trang

On March very year, Printing Taisho and Printing No.7 JSC always have a comfort travel together.
Employee travel which deepens the friendship between employees and cares for daily labor of them was also a meaningful travel this year.

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