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Taking challenge to develop the possibilities of Factory Automation Technology

“Automation” is required to contribute not only to the pursuit of efficiency but also to the further enhancement of functionality through intellectualization and the creation of a comfortable working environment in good collaboration with people.
With the advancement of functions and implementation of safe and easy-to-use equipment, ISUZU TEC VIETNAM strives to conduct activities to build close relationship and contact with customers from planning to installation, maintenance and after-sales service, and pursues the optimization of equipment which meets up customers' needs.

A variety of Automated Assembly Equipment

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamWe provide a one-stop process to smoothly and consistently produce equipment from design to production and final adjustment without seperating any mechanical and electrical operation (including control) for equipments which support in labor cost saving, rationalization and automation of each of company's conditions.

Inspection Device

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamBased on the electronic application technology that has been developed over the years, we combine the Information and communications technology using the network, and meet a wide range of our customers' needs by utilizing the know-how of ISUZU TEC VIETNAM.

Various conveying facilities

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamWe propose an overall solution from the research and design of the conveying facilities to production and installation, and solve the customer's issues by using our unique conveying facilities.
The conveying facilities designed and produced by our company support to improve productivity in a variety of production processes. We provide conveying facilities combined with conveyors, cylinders, sensors, etc., according to the purpose of use.

Factory Automation Robotics System

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamWe are developing automation equipment and robots to enhance the efficiency of production systems such as automobile production device, semiconductor production device, liquid crystal production device, and Factory Automation control systems. We will propose the best Factory Automation System ensuring the quality, cost and safety which are considered as the unique selling points of ISUZU TEC VIETNAM.

A variety of jig design and production

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamWe can respond to various jigs for production and inspection from proposal to design and production. We have experience of making various jigs such as test jigs, inspection jigs, welding jigs and processing jigs.
It is possible to provide an one-stop package to handle consistently from the concept proposal of the jig to the design, production, assembly, adjustment, and trial test in a company.
Factory Automation