CX specializes in supplying cold forging parts, heat treatment, surface treatment....

CX Technology VN Corporation


One-stop production system

With over 45 years of experiences, CX offers services from raw material selection, to tooling design, production process design, forging, machining, heat treatment,surface treatment, and quality management, in order to work towards goals of enhance quality, on-time delivery, and cost reduction.

Major production equipment

Major production equipment from 100 to 2000 tons

◆Multiple-stage forging+ single stage forging + Nut former = 50 set
◆Aluminum alloy cold forging equipment ( will have at the end of 2018)
◆Precision stamping equipment 160*1 + 250*1
◆Pressing equipment 35 tons-260 tons, total 40 set

Heat treatment equipment

3 tunnel style annealing furnace
7 electrical annealingfurnace
2 spheroidizing annealing furnace

74 CNC machines
with 21 robotic arms

41 NC cutting machines

Surface treatmentequipment

Racking plating lines
Barrel plating lines
Aluminum anodizing line

Other equipment

Drawing machine、Heading machine、Sandblasting machine etc.
Production equipment
CX Technology VN Corporation