CX specializes in supplying cold forging parts, heat treatment, surface treatment....

CX Technology VN Corporation


Quality certification

CXis ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified, we guarantee to provide reliable products with reasonable lead time.

【Quality policy】
1. Advocate the goal of customer-oriented to our employees, in order to improve customer satisfaction.
2. In order to achieve the goal of parallel growth with customers, CX follows the principles of customer-first, and to provide high quality services.
3. CXfocus on continuous improvementin order toimprove the quality management system.

Measuring apparatus

(L)Coordinate Measuring Machine

(R)3D imaging measurement machine


(R)Grinder polisher

(L)X-Strata plating thickness tester


(L)Slat spray tester

(R)Temperature and humidity tester

Other measuring apparatus

Hardness tester ( HV/ HRB/HRC )
adhesion tester positest at-a (at)
Surface roughness meter
Current thickness tester
Concentricity gauge
Dolly testing machine
Quality Control
CX Technology VN Corporation