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Equipment design and production

We design and manufacture automated equipment for Japanese equipment manufacturers. In Vietnam, we will propose automation and production of special machines from the concept, and we will handle design, production and service.


ALPHA AUTOSYSTEM Co.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet NamExcellent Vietnamese staff with experience in Japan and Japanese companies do everything from design to assembly.

[Equipment example] Machine-to-machine work transfer system

ALPHA AUTOSYSTEM Co.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet NamThis is installed between two machining centers and the work is set automatically on the two machines.

There are two stockers, and if the material is supplied to the left, the robot will transfer the work to the 1st and 2nd processes, and the finished product will be stocked in the right stocker.

It can be widely used for automation of machining.

[Equipment example] O-ring assembly device

ALPHA AUTOSYSTEM Co.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet NamAutomated equipment that automatically assembles O-rings into O-ring grooves.

An O-ring is supplied from the parts feeder from the stocker, the air blow O-ring is assembled on the assembly table, image inspection is performed, and the assembly is automated by returning to the completed pallet.

We can apply various know-how to propose various systems.

[Equipment example] Nut runner

ALPHA AUTOSYSTEM Co.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet NamA semi-automatic machine that efficiently inserts nuts into screws. For screw insertion work of building materials. We offer it at a reasonable price with specifications that match the screws and nuts.

[Equipment example] Automatic disinfection booth

ALPHA AUTOSYSTEM Co.,LTD | Fact-Link Viet NamAs a countermeasure against coronavirus, it automatically sprays the disinfectant solution in a mist state and disinfects the whole body.
We also support design changes for overseas.

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[Equipment example] Automatic polishing device

Equipment design and production