Specialized trading company that supports manufacturing industry with its PRO TOOLs (Industrial Product, MRO products)


TRUSCO NAKAYAMA Corporation | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Delivering high quality products from Japan to the world!

KITAL: https://kital-tools.com/

Brand Index: https://kital-tools.com/pages/brand

It is an online shopping site that lists about 200,000 items.
Ships daily from Japan from Monday to Friday. International shipping is also available in advance for purchases of 300 USD or more.

Since it is a credit card payment, we will deliver our products more easily and speedily.

Please feel free to contact us regarding price negotiations for products not listed on the site or lot orders.

Please note: You cannot access from within Japan.
KITAL Online Retailer of Industrial Product, MRO products
TRUSCO Nakayama Corporation