Manufacture/sale/consulting of the heavy industrial corrugated packing materials! Packaging materials instead of wood, iron.



Tri-Wall Pak – The seven layers-AAA corrugated carton brand name.

- Tri-Wall’s seven layers -AAA corrugated carton box is known as preponderant product with the superiority for packaging materials industry.
- The manufacture, sale and consultancy of Tri-Wall Pak, a well-known brands in the world is run by Tri-Wall Group.
- Tri-Wall plays a role as a shipping solution for the whole group operating in Asia. The global network of Tri-Wall Group plays a role in connecting the customers all round the world to become “ global expert”
- The expert in packaging will provide information in not only in packaging design, but also in transportation needed to the company and country which is importing and exporting’s partner. Tri-Wall will be the sole shipping strategic partner of customer.

Provides selection by industry and products

Tri-Wall provide a variety of different packaging products

Manufacturing machinery / semiconductor devices

  Shipping by wooden box, save money and protect the environment. Reduce the cost of packaging materials. Meet customer expectations: reduce the cost of transportation by air, shorten packaging time, dismantle, minimize the cost of using wood materials, easy for customs inspection.  

Precision equipment / precision medical equipment

  Based on effectiveness, costs. The Tri-Wall Pak develops effectively the superiority of the product, launching products with elasticity and rigidity suitable for high-precision products. For the product, we have conducted many experiments to test the durability of the product with strict standards.  

Car component/Car engine

  The traditional packaging has problem sometimes. For example: the product’s damage because of the collision. However, Tri-Wall will bring complete measure: transporting safely, reducing costs, saving time, using efficiently, reducing CO2 emission.  

Tri Wall’s product sample :

Tri-Wall provides excellent quality packaging materials.

Light and durable
Tri-Wall Pak – Industrial packaging brand is recognized in the world.

Tri-Wall Pak Bi-Wall Pak

Bearing capacity carton box

Application products:
Car component, specific machine, electronic device, construction material, barrier material, vehicle, airplane, vegetable and food.


Tri-Wall  ~Necessary levelNo.1!~
*Safe for the environment, as strong as wood shelf.
*Because it’s very light, it reduces transportation costs.
*No time-consuming sterilization, heat treatment;No worried about termites.
*The treatment after using is the same as the common paper box.
*Focus on price, weightas well as the convenience, we bring to customers products with nice design, good material and reasonable price.

Uni Pak ~Stronger and more durable!~
*Like the Tri-Wall products, Uni Pak products are also manufactured in accordance with the standards set by Japan and other countries in the world of logistics.


New product:Screw M-Neji 〜Screws used in carton boxes ~

Beautiful models, easy to use.

Increasing efficiency of transportation and preservation.
Innovating the traditional packaging way..
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