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As a pioneer of weld nut

As per Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS B 1196-1994), the weld nut is classified into 3 main types:
1. Hexagon weld nut
2. Square weld nut
3. T-type weld nut T

Among them, we are a pioneer of square weld nut with projection welding protrusions, and manufactures various products according to the standards of every automobile manufacturer.
Size is expressed by the width of the nut × height × thread diameter, and due to the difference in shape, it is uniquely named "stand-type" and "side-type" by us.

Features of pierce nut

By using piercing nuts, it helps to reduce most of the essential equipments which is neccesary for weld nuts. Simple work which anyone can do easily helps to reduce human error.


  Act a large cost reduction by unnecessity of power-receiving equipments, welding machines, smoke-control system, consumable tool cost, assemling cost, transportation cost as well as inspection, thread repair, rubber plug  

Workability and Function

  Work management gets easier. Beautiful finish can be expected without relying on skill and intuition. In addition, it also improves work efficiency such as reliable assembly strength.  

Example of usage

  Hose band, front part of the truck, air bag, side members.,ect  
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Pierce nut

*Pierce nut which is an abbreviation for "Self Piercing and Clinching Nut" means "a nut that opens up a hole by itself and caulked into panel"
*With unique shape and precision, the nut itself plays a role of consumable punch each time it pierces the panel (it means drilling a hole with a new punch each by each) and it is caulked firmly to the panel at the same time as drilling.

*Pierce nuts are authentic faction of automatic assembly nuts born for the first time in Japan that have many advantages and benifits compared to various panel fasteners including weld nuts and contribute greatly to cost reduction for assembly manufacturers
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Weld nut production process

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Certification: ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015

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