Manufacturing PCB single side & double side in Vietnam.

Sun Ching Electronics VN Co.,Ltd


We receive from the part supply of PCB to prototype and mass production !

Please leave troublesome part arrangements and inventory management !

Solutions for our value customers


Development & Design

  Proposal of PCB designs, process designs, and specific measures for electronic components.  

Prototyping in product design and manufacturing

  Integrated manufacturing services from prototyping to mass production, OEM production, and production support for fabless companies.  

Manufacturing processes

  Offering solutions for production processes for electrical components, PCB and adhesive materials.  

Main product over 18 years experience in Vietnam


S/S and D/S in Vietnam
Multi-layers in Taiwan

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SMT Assembly

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QC service for customer

- ICT fixture
- FCT fixture
- ATE fixture

- Base on our basic standard and customer's requirement.
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