Consistent service for designing and manufacturing automation equipment (FA) and OEM production. Design, Machining, Assembly, manufacture and sheet metal process, Surface treatment (Anodizing, Electroless Ni plating, Zinc plating, Powder coating), Carrier tape


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Integrated system from needs analysis to design and manufacturing system development.

To meet the customers various demands, we response the integrated system as planning, development, processing, assembly and maintenance. From this , we provide the production system which meet the customers demands.

Our manufacturing department possesses over 60 units production facilities such as machine tools and sheet processing machines, various surface treatments and painting equipments. This enable that we can manufacture by an integrated system in house and deliver in short time.
Milling Machine(5-Sided Applications)
Table size:2000 X 4000mm

In-house integrated system

  We manufacture products can meet the requirements of customer from design and manufacture of jig, production equipment and labor saving equipment to assembly and maintenance. Please contact us for any requests.  

Contract processing service

  Machining, Welding, Laser cutting, Heat Treatment (Anodizing, Nickel plating, Zinc plating,), Electrostatic painting  

Embossed carrier tape

  Design, manufacture molds and producing carrier tape. With 3 types of molding machine: Rotary machine and Press machine, we can provide various requirements of customer, such as materials and shape of the pockets.  
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Design, Manufacture and Assembly of FA device

We provide all of lump-sum solution from design to manufacture automation devices.

Test support for 3D design models in free of charge.

【Main product】
Production equipment
Labor saving equipment
Various inspection device
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Machining (Aluminum、Steel、SUS、Resin)

1. Mechanical processing often used for machines in semiconductor field. Possession of over 60 units processing equipments. Machining only is also available.

2. We also have welding department and laser cutting machine.

3. Carrier Tape department:Design, manufacture molds and producing carrier tape.
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Heat Treatment

Nickel plating
Zinc plating (Black and White)
Anodizing (Black and White)
Electrostatic painting (Powder paint /Solvent paint)

Heat treatment only is also available
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