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  We are committed to supply the highest accuracy of measuring instruments, provide you the best measurement solution with user-friendly design, easy for the user.  


  On the basis of building a cooperative relationship with customers and business partners to collaborate technology continuously, creating the world’s No.1 products to meet the future needs.  


  With a team of engineers certified in professional training in Japan, JCSS standart equipments, we always try our best to support customers best and fastest, consult the optimal solutions for measurement.  

Accretech Products

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) helps us with controlling & assuring those industrial component’s reliable qualities, including distances, angles, hole pitches, geometrical tolerance, and any other component’s shapes & contour profiles.

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Roughness & Contour Profile Measuring Machine

Roughness & Contour Profile Measuring Machine will help you confirm the qualities of surface finish parameter defined by ISO/JIS, and how the components shapes like distance, angles, hole pitches etc. by sharper stylus than CMM and more high precision, smaller, and detail profile detection would be available.

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Roundness & Cylindrical Measuring Machine

We applied those air control technologies to develop Japanese-1st Roundness machine on 1967. Holes, circles, and any other cylindrical profiles should be strictly controlled and assured for the components of Automobile, Motorcycle, Aerospace, and any other machine tools etc. for our safety and comfortable transportation. This machine should help you to confirm Roundness, Flatness, Concentricity, Cylindricity, Squareness etc.

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