The company specializes in CNC milling, CNC lathing and Jig making

Ichi Viet Nam Supporting Industry Co.,Jsc


We are a private enterprise operating in the mechanical manufacturing sector, especially jig and fixture processing.

As one of the leading units in the field of CNC machining, precision mechanical processing, especially CNC milling, we always try to perfect and bring our customers the highest satisfaction, not only in the quality of processed products but also in the services that we provide to our customers in the process of working.



One of the leading companies in CNC machining

  We have been operating in this field for more than 10 years. Together with the well-qualified staff, we also have invested in a modern line of machinery for processing.  

High - accuracy products

  We can create products with high accuracy and we are confident to meet all customer requirements.  

CNC milling and CNC lathing service

  We provide a full-service package from receiving the customer's request, processing to delivery. And we will reply to your request promptly.  

CNC milling and CNC lathing service

Ichi Vietnam provides services according to customer requirements such as: CNC machining, CNC lathing, CNC milling, mechanical processing, mechanical fabrication, jig processing... quality, time and reputation are our advantages

We fabricated the control jig that achieved tolerance of 0.005 mm.
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Modern machines

By using many modern machines, through cutting, drilling, grinding, ... to create finished products or perform CNC machining at the request of many different customers, we create many finished products.
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Quality control