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Garment, Apparel (132) Fact-link Vietnam utilize the database of more than 3,000 registered manufacturers and factories and help you to search for suppliers and factories in Vietnam. Here are listed manufacturers in Garment, Apparel, materials.cloth.

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Thinh Gia Huy Co.,Ltd
Specializing in manufacturing and trading of garment accessories

Việt Nam
Ha Noi Co.,Ltd
Produce bags in the international market

Việt Nam
Phu Thinh - Nha Be Garment J.S.C
Specializing in manufacturing and processing all kinds of garments

Việt Nam
Elpis Viet Nam Co.,Ltd
Specializing in manufacturing - trading - administrative distribution sector is texti

Việt Nam
Thang Long Textile Co.,Ltd
Specializing in manufacturing and exporting fiber products - towels

Việt Nam English
Tan Hung Company
Chuyên sản xuất, gia công Túi Xách, Ba Lô, Cặp, Ví

Việt Nam
Hop Phat Garment Company
Professional production, trading, all kinds of products

Việt Nam English
Tan Phuong Co.,Ltd
Specializes in manufacturing and exporting 100% cotton towels

Việt Nam
Dang Duong Export Textile Co.,Ltd
Specializes in manufacturing, textile washcloths, towels, napkins

Việt Nam English
Hung Thanh Dat Manufacture – Import And Export Co., Ltd.
Specializes in manufacturing and trading of Textile – Garment Products.

Việt Nam English
Minh Ngoc Co.,Ltd
Specialize in manufacturing & distributing backpacks, folders, needles, ...

Việt Nam
V & S Sourcing Co. Ltd. Vietnam

Specialist business and supply all kinds of fishing line and plastic polyamide

Việt Nam English
Fiber production, weaving and textile products, manufacture of textiles

Việt Nam
Hoang Phuong Van Co.,Ltd
Specializes in supplying garment accessories for shirt, vest

Việt Nam
VAG International Co.,Jsc
Specializes in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of cotton towels

Việt Nam English
We manufacture raschel lace and power net etc

Hoàng Hà là công ty sản xuất đồng phục chuyên nghiệp

Việt Nam
VJC Technology Co.,Ltd.
アパレル産業向けCAD/ CAMシステム・機械設備・資材などのご紹介/ 販売、導入支援および保守/ 運用支援

VADISA Import Export Co., Ltd
Our Service is your best Solution

Hoang Dung Textile Co.,Ltd
Production and export of apparel fabrics fashion serve

Việt Nam
Minh Khai textile import export joint stock company

Specializing in providing raw material for the textile sector.

Việt Nam English
Thien Phu Textile Co.,Ltd
Specializing in the production of cotton fabrics, color fabrics

Việt Nam
Phuc Anh Textile Co.,Ltd
Specializes in manufacturing products towels, bath towels, washcloths, towels spa ...

Việt Nam
Vietnam Cellutane Co.,Ltd

Van Nang Banok Company Limited
Specializing in supplying all kinds of hanging hoses, labeling tools, shooting guns

Việt Nam English
Hiep Phat Co.,Ltd
Specialize in providing mesh products

日本語 Việt Nam English
Huy Hung Trading & Service Co.,Jsc
Specializes in producing various kinds of textile and only shirt, skirt

Việt Nam
Chien Thang Co.,Ltd
Chuyên sản xuất, bán buôn ba lô túi xách túi vải

Việt Nam
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