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Fact-link Vietnam is an epoch-making site for company introduction related to manufacturing placed in Vietnam. Initially it has set up as an E-commerce trading floor for Japanese manufacturing in Vietnam, in near future we will offer service of supporting manufacturing as wide range of network connect local and foreign-affiliated company with Japanese company.

Fact-link Vietnam has been providing beneficial company information to the customers that have registered already. Appeared informations are basic information such as Business Description, Products & Services, Location, Contact address and also information relevant to manufacturing, such as Industrial Estate.

● Update basic information and insert image of picture, introduction and PR by your own.

● Able to change 24H/365days from management screen refer to registration and company

● Easy search, making use of search function. It is classified as Industry, Province, Industrial Estate.

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Product and technical appeal more specificly !
As a matter of fact, some can not afford to creat HP which needs expertise under the circumstance of daily busy work and have limited PR budget. If you apply for premium service of Fact-link, it can be used not only for appearing company information, but also for PR your company’s products and services, adding pages freely with affordable price.

Use as your website
Fact-link staff support to create and update pages (page composition, layout), consulting
based on customer information. We also provide inquiry form, visitor would be able to contact you casually.

High-ranking display
It classifies by colored marking with high-rank display in boss in category and province classification so that it could distinguish your company from any competitors. High-rank display catch visitors eye with ease and then access rate may be improves greatly.

Introduce on Fact-link top page
Only premium membership might be spotlighted on top page regularly. Increase number of accesses can be expected.

Banner advertisement
"Easy-to-see banner" stands out on top page, indeed. It helps visible PR some products which is hard to express in word. Going up level of company recognition, increase access rate can be also expected.

Fact-link can play a part not only for E-commerce trading floor of manufacturing in Vietnam, but also for
advertisement tool on internet. Please feel free to contact us, we have Japanese staff to talk with you by contact form or on phone.