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Denka Advanced Materials Vietnam Co.,Ltd (DAV)
☆Possibility of chemistry☆ Specialize in various types of adhesive tape, packaging film for electronic components☆

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Hoang Thanh Co.,Ltd
Supply of lights

Việt Nam
HTC Ha Noi Technology Co.,Jsc
Specialized in importing and distributing leading machinery in Vietnam

Việt Nam
Draco Co.,Ltd
Wholesale of machinery, equipment and other machine parts: wholesale of machinery

Việt Nam
Hung Phat Co.,Jsc
Supply of civil wires, electric cables, electrical equipment, lights, cable tray ladd

Việt Nam
Anh Kiet Co.,Ltd
Provide foreign language classroom, multifunctional classroom, intelligent classroom

Việt Nam
Asahi Chemicals (Vietnam) Trading Co.,Ltd.

Son Anh Co.,Jsc
Electrical Equipment & Supplies - Importer & Distributor Electrical Equipment

Việt Nam
Dang Quy Co.,Ltd
Chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị công nghiệp, đồ bảo hộ . . .

Việt Nam
Thu Do Co.,Ltd
Specialized distributor of electrical materials

Việt Nam
Song Tran Co.,Ltd
Specialized in supplying and manufacturing car floor mats car line

Việt Nam
Slighting Viet Nam JSC
Production of lighting products

Việt Nam
Specialize in importing and distributing of products from Europe.

Việt Nam
Kim Thai Co.,Ltd
Supply of lifting equipment, hand tools, automotive equipment

Việt Nam
Quan Ich Co.,Ltd
Architecture,construction, steel truss, environmental planning, industrial electricic

Việt Nam
A Au Viet Nam Co.,Jsc
Specialize in Importer, Distributor of Generator

Việt Nam
FCT Vinh Thinh Co.,Jsc
Provide tools (soldering machine, hood)

Việt Nam
Specializing in supplying electrical equipment, civil wire

Việt Nam
Bac Ninh Co.,Ltd
Supplying Electric Wire - Electric Wire & Cable, Electric Appliance

Việt Nam
Takara Industry Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Rep. Office)
物干をはじめとした 金属加工品・樹脂成形品の製造・販売

Anh Minh Tranding & Technology Co.,Ltd
Imports of machinery, Industrial Equipment, Supplies, Processing Lifting equipment

Việt Nam English
Hoang Anh Co.,Ltd
Specialized in metal manufacturing

Việt Nam
Thien Viet Co.,Jsc
Distributing, supplying, trading generators and providing related services

Việt Nam
Nam Phat Co.,Ltd
Providing industrial actuators for industry

Việt Nam
Minh Quan Trading & Industrially Co.,Ltd
Specializing in providing all kinds of electronic components, semiconductors

Việt Nam
HTH Producing & Trading Co.,Jsc
Design, production, printing for advertising products, printed stationery, magazines

Việt Nam
Vinh Oanh Co.,Ltd
Mirror work, glass mirror grinding, glass aluminum frame

Việt Nam
Blue Dragon TSC Co.,Ltd
Chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị niêm phong và sản phẩm cơ khí

Việt Nam
Minh Hoa Co.,Jsc
Manufacture of Professional Faucet Valves

Việt Nam
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