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Surface Treatment:Heat Treatment, Plating

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Plating, Plastic injection moulding, Design and manufacture high precision molds

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Thanh Luan Co.,Ltd.
Electroplating - Metalfinishing - Dacromet treatment in Vietnam.

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Specializing in machining and hot-dip galvanized with large steel components

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Kim Phat Co.,Ltd
Received specialized machining and plating of metal surface treatment

Việt Nam
Phan Sinh Japan Company limited - SEP
Professionals plating, metal surface treatment according to Japanese standards

日本語 Việt Nam English
Thanh Long JSC
Outsourcing vacuum plating, powder coating process

Việt Nam
KNI Co., Ltd
Sự Thỏa Mãn Của Khách Hàng Là Cam Kết Của Chúng Tôi

Việt Nam
ABT ServiceTrading Co.,Ltd
Providing coating services & outsourcing, manufacturing household products

Việt Nam
Duong Phong 168 Co.,Ltd
Processing plating, surface treatment and coating of metal insulator.

Việt Nam
Thien My Industries Co., Ltd.
Plating on plastic, Zinc alloy plating, Plastic injection molding and painting

Thanh My Electric Engineering Co.,Ltd
Sản xuất biến thế điện, thiết bị phân phối và điều khiển điện

Việt Nam
MinhChat Manufacturing & Trading Co.,Ltd
Supply of chemicals, equipment and technologies for surface treatment of metal

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TITAN Plating Company
Surface treatment, Copper/ Nickel/ Chrome/ Gold plating, Colored ED coating....etc

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Truong Tin Furnace Service And Trading Co.,Ltd.
Specializing in produce, manufacture, installation, fix of aluminum and copper furnac

日本語 Việt Nam English
Chuyên xi mạ Niken, Crôm 3, Kẽm, Kẽm đen 3+, trên các sản phẩm kim loại

Việt Nam
Pham Chien Cong Manufacturing & Trading Co.,Ltd
Perform machining, plating a variety of types of goods: bolts, screws, canopy ....

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Chuyên Gia Công Xi Mạ PVD Kim Loại Các Loại

Việt Nam
Quang Vinh Manufacture Equipment Joint Stock Company
Chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị cho ngành xi mạ & sơn tĩnh điện

Việt Nam
Titania Engineering Co.,Ltd
The representative of Taibong’s products which focus to Vietnamese market

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Specialize in processing - Heat treatment (hardening) and black dyeing steel ...

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Thai Hung Trading & Production Development Co.,Ltd
Specializing in providing of welding supplies

Việt Nam
AAL-E Product & Trading Co.,Ltd
Anodizing of aluminium and coloring

Việt Nam English
HTH Truong Phat Co.,Jsc
Delivery of materials and services for government and tear resistant alloy industries

Việt Nam
Kien Vuong Thanh Trade Production Co.,Ltd
Chuyên hoạt động trong lĩnh vực hóa chất và mạ điện kim loại

Việt Nam
P&P Mechanical Co.,Ltd

日本語 Việt Nam
Plato Viet Nam Co.,Jsc
Zinc plating, Zinc alloy plating, Copper/ Nickel/ Chrome plating, Hard Chrome..

Việt Nam
Thanh Long Co.,Jsc
Vacuum plating, powder coating, and plastic products

Việt Nam
Quang Vinh Co.,Jsc
Fabrication and supply of equipment for plating industry and environment

Việt Nam
Minh Phu Co.,Ltd
Single-layer, multi-layer coating on materials: Iron, Zinc, Copper, Aluminum

Việt Nam
Hai Phuong Co.,Ltd
Manufacture of metal products

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