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Home Page is for summary information about company, product or service, vision, etc. that can make visitor understand your company by reading only one page.

The strong point of Home Page is '3 Business Key Panel' for showing company vision, work motto, etc. and '3 Appeal Things' for showing main product line, etc.

Home cannot be created if Company Profile is not available.

Click 'Create' button in the column of language you wish to create.
+ Menu Name
'Home' is default, but you can change as you desire.

+ Title Bar Name
Your company name is default, but you can change as you desire.

+ Order No.
Fill in the order number of menu that will be shown in any pages. Sort by min-to-max.

+ Title, Detail, Image
You can create paragraph about prologue of follow content. And also upload related picture. Only JPG and PNG file will be allowed.

+ 3 Business Key Panel
3 Panels for special highlight information such as vision, work motto, manufacturing standard, etc. You can change design of panel from list in system.

+ 3 Appeal Things
3 detail columns you can add text and picture to create highlight information such as main product line, unique process or product, reward or certificate, etc.

Click 'SAVE' button at the bottom of form when you finish.

- Every textbox that has * in front of label is required information.
- Every textbox that has grey background is global value that will use for all language.
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