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The Pulpit Rock
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The reasons to choose Uni Pak Durability, good strength and good impact resistance ●Because of reusable, it should minimize waste ●Take advantage of two-way cargo, increasing economic efficiency ●Can lay and overlap while on the move Save 1/5 ~ 1/6 space when folding and assembling ●Saving storage space when not in use ●Reduce shipping costs on the return way Simplify the packaging method sliding lock ●Save time manipulation ●Reduce labor costs ●Cut down on raw materials such as straps, screws,... As a shipping solution by box, Uni Pak minimizes the cost of packaging, disassembling, shipping, storage.

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- Company name and Link to company :
- Address :
Road D1, Yen My 2 Industrial Park, Yen My Town,Yen My District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam
- Business description :
Manufacture/sale/consulting of the heavy industrial corrugated packing materials
- Offer of packing materials
- The proposal of a packing design
- The proposal of cost reduction
- Up to plan - design - manufacture of a product
- Product :
- Specialist packing
- Tri-Wall Pak
- Bi-Wall Pak
- Returnable Pak
- Uni Pak
- Tri-Wall Pallet