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Danpla Plastic Box

SKU : #35

 The products are assembled with polypropylene resin sheets, Danpla plastic boxes are light weight but durable, making them indispensable for packaging and production containers for various industries. In line with our customer satisfaction goal, Kanepackage Vietnam is proud to invest in, launch new assembly lines and Danpla plastic machinery for our customers' comprehensive packaging needs.

1. Foldable case
2. Easy to operate
3. Long-lasting
4. Helps in maximizing warehouse space

These boxes are also often used as containers that are returned and reused in the area - a fact that Kanepackage Vietnam fully supports as a company with ecological processes and safe environment with products.

Stock in VietNam : Available

- Company name and Link to company :
- Address :
- Plot I-6, Dong Anh Dist[br]TEL : +84-24-3951 6377 / 6379 / FAX : +84-24-3951 6378
- Business description :
Design development, manufacture and sales of various packaging materials
- Product :
・ Tray for precision parts by vacuum forming
・ Cardboard cushioning material
・ Foam resin cushioning material
・ Paper container
・ Reuse packing box