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●Laser Processing
●Stainless – Iron welding
●Chasiss Processing
●Bending Processing
●Precision Spring Processing
●Roller Processing

Laser Machine

【Maker】 AMAD
【Processing range】
SPC 0.5~19t
SUS 0.1~8.0t
Aluminium 0.5~5

Turret punch press

【Processing range】
SPC 0.8~1.6t
SUS 0.8~1.2t
Aluminium 1.0mm~3mm

Bending Machine



【Processing range】
~Up to W2m

Painting equipment

Baking and drying furnace 3mx2.2mx2.2m(2)
Powder coating machine(2)
Pre-treatment booth(1)
Booth 4.5m(1)
Degreasing tank(1)

Other equipment

Shearing machine

Deburring machine

2D/3D CAD design

- Machine design assistance
- Architectural design assistance (electricity and water works are included)
- Reformation design assistance
- Electricity drawing processing
- Sheet metal deployment
(Use software: AP100, SheetWorks, AutoCad)
- Data-processing input

Measuring instrument

Caliper (Mitutoyo)
Precision sheet metal Laser procesin
Kai Metal ASIA Co.,Ltd.