Production from Press, Heat treatment, Surface treatment and secondary processing.



Services for Heat-Treatment and Surface treatment.

With the unique technique from Japan, we can support processing the Heat-treatment process (Austempering, Tempering and Carburizing).
The materials that containing carbon such as SK85, SK5, S65C, SAE1065, S50C, 65Mn or stainless steel that using for Springs such as SUS301, SUS304, SUS410, SUS631 can be processed in our company.

Austempering service

Austempering is a heat treatment method in which the steel products will be keptin the salt bath with general temperature from 300℃~400℃ (at this temperature, the steel will be completely transformed and become the Bainite structure) and then cool down to the room temperature. Compared with normal quenching and tempering, there are some advantages such as the tenaciousness and the durability is markedly improved. The deformation is also lower.

Geomet surface coating service

Geomet is a completely chrome-free anti corrosive treatment that is friendly to both the environment and work environment using aqueous treatment liquids. The corrosion resistance durability is excellent as it does not contain crystal water and binding resin. We test the corrosion resistance durability in the salt spray machine lasted from 1000 to 2000 hours.

Heat treatment and
surface treatment processing service