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Energy Saving Method by KOBELCO reduces electricity cost!

We analyze the amount of compressed air and electricity bills and propose improvements free of charge.

If you are interested in energy saving (cost reduction), please feel free to contact us.
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● The compressor consumes 20 to 25% of the total electricity of a general factory.
● Electricity costs account for more than 80% of the running cost of compressors.

Points for improving energy saving
① Understanding the current situation through energy-saving diagnosis, etc.
(2) Purchase a model with high energy-saving performance (at the time of purchase)
③ Improvement of air leakage
④ Improvement by optimizing piping and receiver tank
⑤ Review of working pressure (pressure reduction)
⑥ Improvement by efficient unit control
⑦ Energy saving by maintenance

If this compressor power is reduced by 15%, it is possible to reduce the total power consumption by 2 to 3%, and there is a possibility of even more power reduction depending on the factory due to the improvement of energy saving.
Kobelco Compressors Vietnam Co.,Ltd | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Energy saving improvement with Energy Saving Method by KOBELCO!
The power cost of the entire factory will be reduced!

Items to check for energy saving diagnosis
・ Air consumption ・ Power consumption ・ Piping pressure loss
・ Line pressure fluctuation value ・ Air leakage amount

Understanding the current situation with energy-saving diagnosis
・ Operation / operation status of each compressor
・ Compressor load factor (load / unload)
・ Compressor load factor (load / unload)
* It causes power consumption and increases power cost by 21%.

In order to effectively and efficiently implement energy-saving improvement, it is very important to understand the current situation and extract points for improvement.
We, Kobelco, carry out energy-saving diagnosis of air lines including compressors, regardless of whether they are made by our company or other companies, quantify the loss based on the implementation know-how of more than 3000 companies, and propose improvements.

If you are interested in energy saving (cost reduction), please feel free to contact Kobelco.
Energy Saving Method by KOBELCO
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