Sheet metal processing, press processing, welding, pipe processing and assembly of steel, aluminum and stainless steel


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Metal processing in Vietnam.

We always pursue the cost reduction from any angles, materials and production process etc., and offer the best price to meet customer's expectation.

We have realized the small-quantity, large-variety and short delivery in cooperation with local companies. Please feel free to contact to us since we strive to be a convenience company for a customer.

The integrated production by cooperation factory


Sheet metal working(In house)

  Punch press processing, , Laser processing, Shearing processing, Band saw processing , Corner shear, Set press, Bending, Welding  


  Aluminum extrusion, Resin molding, Aluminum and zinc die-casting, Lost-wax casting, CNC machining  

Surface treatment(Outsourcing)

  Anodized, Electrical nickel plating, Dissolved zinc plated, Powder coating, Heat treatment  

Processing technology

NBV (VIETNAM) CO., LTD | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Laser Processing

AMADA FOMIIRI 3015 (AF 4000 i - B)
One 4KW laser machine

Machining range of sheet material
SS 400 Material t 0.3~25 mm
SUS Material t 0.1~12 mm
Aluminum Material t 0.5 ~ 8 mm
Maximum size 1524 x 3048 mm

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NBV (VIETNAM) CO., LTD | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Rotary index for pipes installed

Pipe processing range
Round pipe φ19 to 220 mm
Square pipe dimensions 19 ~ 150 mm
Maximum size 6000 mm
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