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Implementing industrial production to the "rapid, accurate and safe" field by making full use of the latest technology

We do not know how far the progress in science and technology has gone in recent years, especially in the field of electrical systems.
The spread of computers and electronics has accelerated industrial production faster and got it more accurate and safer.
In order to produce one thing, machines and electronic devices made with countless technologies are now operating while creating multiple links.It enormously reduced the manpower and cost we used to spend so much, and rapidly improved the productivity.

We, ISUZU TEC VIETNAM, are engaged in daily production development, dedicated to non-stop research and customer satisfaction in order to create a better production environment for our customers.

Production of various Circuit Panels and Harnesses

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamIn this field, we have studied the technology of Isuzu Dengyo Co., Ltd (Japan) gaining about 40 years experience of know-how, and provide it to customers here in Vietnam.
It is possible to customize the design and production of all electrical boards and harnesses related to the power distribution panel, power boards, control boards, operation boards, relay boards, etc. We aim to provide more secure, safer, more affordable products than anywhere else.

Electrometer Controlling System

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamWe provide a one-stop process to smoothly and consistently produce equipment from design to production and final adjustment without seperating any mechanical and electrical operation (including control) for equipments which support in labor cost saving, rationalization and automation of each of company's conditions.

IoT x Production Management System(POP System)

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet NamWe will build all Management Systems on site such as Inventory Management, Maintenance Management, Production Traceability System etc. In addition, we will conduct "visualization" of customers by data integration utilizing the IoT of Production Management System and factory equipment.
Electrical Systems Business