An expert in Electrical System Operation and Factory Automation Mechatronics System Operation


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Unique products that can't be made anywhere else but ISUZU TEC VIETNAM

We have been pursuing and making effort to meet up customers’ demands and satisfaction by engaging in close relationship with them and applying hands-on approach to management principles since the corporation was founded.
We value the fact our staffs are eager to learn. We build the general and comprehensive power by connecting human resources, technologies and designs to make a contribution to our customers.

3 Strengths of ISUZU TEC VIETNAM


Japan Quality supported by Japanese company

  With the support from parent company - Isuzu Dengyo Co., Ltd in Japan, nearly 40 years of experience since its establishment, ISUZU TEC VIETNAM can respond appropriately to advanced, diversified, and internationalized demands, and endlessly make efforts to improve the quality.  

Factory Automation and Mechatronics System Operation

  ISUZU TEC VIETNAM opens up new potential areas by promoting the integration of accumulated automatic assembly technology and the latest technology. We are committed to develop the Factory Automation technology that supports the industry and advances manufacturing innovation.  

Unique Human resources policy

  In order to make high-quality products, we value human resources who can brainstorm from customers' point of view.
That is people who are in charge to support manufacturing process. That's why We, ISUZU TEC VIETNAM, are focusing on human resource recruitment and development and we believe that exellent people and valuable experience drive us to "unique technologies", leading to creating competitive products that satisfy our customers all over the world.

Challenge possibility of the FA tec and pursue optimization of the automation needs.

ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Factory Automation & Mechatronics System Operation

▶ A variety of Automated Assembly Equipment
▶ Inspection Device
▶ Various conveying facilities
▶ FA Robotics System
▶ A variety of jig design and production

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ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Electrical System Business

▶ Production of various Circuit Panels and Harnesses
▶ Electrometer Controlling System
▶ IoT x Production Management System(POP System)

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ISUZU TEC VIETNAM Co.,Ltd.   | Fact-Link Viet Nam

Recruitment information

At ISUZU TEC VIETNAM, we are actively recruiting candidates who are interested in manufacturing. We are an organization in which many young engineers are working on site and fostering the youth is strongly focused, building up a working environment is encourged to get their skills improved.

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